This page gathers the main research topics where I am currently active. I use various techniques and tools from formal methods while making them usable by practitioners who are not acquainted with these methods.

Data Minimisation

Data minimisation consists in reducing the amount of data used in systems. The interest is both to reduce the disclosure of confidential information (such as trade secrets or personal data for instance) and to improve performances (by lowering the quantity of data processed). The best time when to apply this technique is when engineering systems, especially at the requirements elicitation step. This technique can be supported by verification tools to give formal guarantees about functional correctness and minimisation properties.

Privacy Engineering

Privacy engineering is a recent trend in the privacy and security community. This comes from the observation that many models, criteria, techniques, and tools have been proposed to improve privacy while their composition to build systems is still obscure. Methodologies are needed to help practitioners to rigorously build systems meeting expected privacy properties. In this area, privacy by design is an interesting approach advocating for taking into account the privacy properties from the early stages of the development cycle.